Dose of Colors – Terra Collection

Dose of Colors – Terra Collection

I first heard about Dose of Colors via another Makeup Artist I follow on Instagram. I decided to check their website out and noticed that, primarily, they offer lip products, which I seem to have a bit of a thing about at the moment, so I decided to follow them on Instagram too.


Within a couple of weeks of following them, DOC started showing sneak peek pictures of their new “Terra Collection” which are 3 beautiful matte liquid lipsticks in colors called Sand, Stone and Brick.


The Terra Collection was released a couple of weeks before payday, so imagine my relief when payday rolled round and it was still in stock.


I was so pleased at how quickly the item got here as DOC are an American based Company, and I am in the UK. I think, from the time of ordering, it got here in around 7 days (including a UK Bank Holiday).


The liquid is in a frosted effect glass tube with DOC’s logo on the front and the packaging, including the black box the tubes were in, all look and feel very high end.


I have used various Brands’ liquid lipsticks so thought I knew what to expect from DOC’s offering, but I was so wrong.


Their formula is like no other I have tried. It is, quite literally, silky. It applies so easily, and a small amount really does go a long way. The formula dries quickly and, unlike a lot of other liquid lipsticks, when these dry they don’t leave that “heavy” of “chalky” feeling on the lips and are weightless and, so, very comfortable to wear.  They also do not dry your lips out.  The longevity of these liquids is simply mind blowing.  I have got, at least 8 hours at a time out of the colors with very minimal rubbing off.  Personally I find that these colors do not flake for me. DOC recommend to avoid oily/greasy foods while wearing the lipstick and I have noticed that having oily or greasy food makes the color come off. I actually use almond oil to remove these products.


One thing I recommend to ensure your lipstick looks flawless, is to exfoliate your lips at least once a week and keep your lips hydrated with a good quality lip balm. When I am going to wear a liquid lipstick I will ensure that my lips have a generous coating of lip balm before I start applying makeup. When I apply my makeup I remove the lip balm and, once my foundation is on I apply a lipstick primer. I do my lips last so, once I am ready to apply, I blot away all excess primer and then apply a THIN layer of the liquid. It is better to apply a thin coat and maybe top it up a little, rather than apply a thick, bulky layer that doesn’t sit or dry evenly.


You can find the Terra Collection here and the rest of Dose Of Color’s products on their website.


I will definitely be ordering more lipsticks from DOC soon. Although they are slightly more expensive than some of the other Brands I have used, the quality far surpasses them and, so makes them worth the price tag.


I have attached swatches of all 3 colors below, together with looks that I created with the Terra Collection.


The boxed collection
Sand – You can see the effect differences in lighting has on the colour
Stone – again the difference in lighting impacts on the colour. It is more true to the pinker looking shade
A look I created with “Brick”
The look I created using Sand
Look #1 using Stone
Look #2 using Stone
I mixed Brick & Sand together to create this custom colour



Until next time, stay beautiful.

Gem xx




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