My Makeup Collection

My Makeup Collection

I have been asked, so many times, to show people my full makeup collection so, after spending a week of sorting through products, tidying and lots of swatches, I am now ready to make my collection public.


Where possible, I try to use drugstore/High Street brands both personally and on my Clients as I am one of the few people out there who does makeup professionally that realises that, sometimes, your Clients/people viewing your tutorials, etc. want to be able to buy the products you use and they can’t always afford high end prices. That said, I do have a few high end products scattered through my collection, but these have usually been gifts or a proper bargain. If I spend in excess of £20 on makeup I have to have more than 1 product to show for it.


Here is my collection:

My makeup brushes (the cases are all full too)
Foundations, Primers & Concealers
Powders, Highlighters, Blushers & Bronzers
Makeup Revolution Face Products (a few missing as they were downstairs at the time of taking the picture)
Eyeshadows, pigments, mascaras & brow powders
Eye drawer again, but with the mascaras & brow products put away
Makeup Revolution Eye Products (a couple missing as they were downstairs at the time of taking the photo)
Lip Products
Makeup Revolution Lip Products (there is a Lip Lava missing as it was downstairs at the time of taking the photo)
Makeup Revolution Pro Products and spare products
Spare Products & False Eyelashes
Skin & Brush Care and tools
Pencils and Eye Primers


And, just as an added bonus, here is a video I took of my collection too.


Until next time, stay beautiful.
~ Gem xx



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  • Most of the products pictured are mine and were bought and paid for by me, there are a few gifts and PR Samples pictured – but these were not sent to me for the purpose of this particular post.
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